Helbako Annual Conference 2024: A milestone in collaboration and shaping the future

The 20th annual meeting of Helbako, held in the picturesque Margarethenhöhe in Essen, was a vibrant forum that brought together executives from the Heiligenhaus and Timisoara sites.

This two-day event was marked by reflection and future planning, focusing on the achievement of goals in 2023 and setting objectives for 2024.

It was a special occasion to meet again at the place where, exactly 20 years ago, our leadership team developed our first company mission statement in their initial workshop.

Despite adverse weather conditions, the Romanian colleagues arrived on time at the conference venue and made a significant contribution to the success of the meeting.

The first day started with intensive discussions, focusing on the past year. The cultural aspect was not neglected: a tour of the historic Villa Hügel provided an inspiring setting, followed by a joint dinner that rounded off the day.

The second day looked to the future, with creative metaplan workshops bringing forth fresh ideas and insights.

The lively exchange between the teams reflected the spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.

With the official end of the meeting on Friday afternoon and the safe return of the Romanian delegation on Saturday, the 20th annual meeting of Helbako proved to be an event full of constructive discussions and groundbreaking decisions.

A heartfelt thanks goes to all participants, whose commitment and creativity pave the way for Helbako’s journey into an innovative future.