Tool-based project management and application of the agile methodology in all development projects

Project Management

We use modern project management software for planning, controlling and analyzing projects. The software allows detailed project tracking and progress monitoring with active involvement of all project team members. It also supports medium- to long-term resource planning in the multi-project landscape. Since the Tool software is completely web-based, all relevant data can be viewed and edited in real time, regardless of location.

Since 2015, our development projects have been carried out across sites by interdisciplinary teams of experts. Project management has been based on the agile methodology since 2015. Trained Scrum Masters lead the teams and support the project managers and team members in their efficient and goal-oriented implementation of all tasks.

The V-Model

Helbako’s development process HEP is based on the V-model and has been consistently aligned and further developed according to Automotive SPICE since 2003. Since 2004, the HEP has been the basis for all our development projects. This ensures the highest efficiency and quality for our customers:

  • The HEP meets the stringent requirements of Automotive SPICE Level 3 in key respects; the maturity level is regularly confirmed by external assessments.
  • Integration of process requirements according to ISO 26262 for the development of control units with functional safety requirements
  • Integration of external service providers into the HEP including data exchange via our portal
  • Definition of all phases, roles, documents and methods

Helbako in dialogue

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