What you can expect from us

We are committed to our employees

Let’s start with the most important thing: We are looking forward to meeting you. Because as a healthy growing company, we are always interested in personalities who want to contribute not only their professional qualifications but also their personality to our company. If you want to inspire our teams and impress our professionals, apply directly. And believe us: We know how important our employees are to our success. And that is why you can expect a very special working atmosphere with us.

Professional team is looking for player

If you want to make a difference, Helbako is the right place for you. Because we have the right format for brilliant minds. As a tier-one supplier, we play in the big leagues and work together with our base in Romania for world-class customers.

And because we are an owner-managed medium-sized company, you will find the constructive atmosphere that characterizes successful teams. Agility and flexibility, flat hierarchies and mutual trust, social values and a sense of togetherness.

In this way, we see our corporate success as a consequence of the talents and potential of our employees. Continuously developing these and promoting them in a targeted manner therefore has the same priority as the development of our products and processes.

New employees receive support at the start; a clearly documented induction plan, clear processes, responsibilities and contact persons. A flexible working time system allows you to manage your time perfectly.

Regular employee reviews and satisfaction surveys, consistent corporate goals, target agreements based on SMART criteria, 360° appraisals of all managers, and corporate values that are lived out in practice are examples of our workforce development, which has been awarded the “BestPersCertificate” several times as “high-quality human resources work”.

10 good reasons for Helbako

Helbako is a special company, and it has special employees. This uniqueness is based on the combination of features that shape the character of our company.

1 | Creativity in family structures

We are one of those companies that started in a garage in the 70s. After 35 years of growth, Helbako is still a family business.

2 | The format for doers

Flat hierarchies, independent action and development opportunities for the individual complement each other with clear areas of responsibility, secure processes and a serious business policy.

3 | Cultural self-awareness

Our mission statement synchronizes our business goals with the personal needs of the individual and gives each activity a meaningful context.

4 | Family and career

The compatibility of family and career is lived practice at Helbako. Our employee program “We are Helbako!” offers a wide range of opportunities to ensure that it is not only a good place to work, but also a good place to live.

5 | Career opportunities

Our international orientation and expansive business development constantly open up new, attractive fields for professional development. We support anyone who dares to try something new.

6 | Continuing education

Continuing education is the fuel for innovation. We ensure continuous know-how transfer and support each colleague in adapting their skills to their tasks and developing them towards new goals.

7 | Healthy work

Health, sports and fitness have a high priority at Helbako. We promote personal well-being with good canteen cuisine, ergonomic workplaces and regular health days.

8 | Employee motivation

Life means more than just slaving away! Health, family, private financing: Anyone who needs help, seeks relief or simply wants to feel better gets collective support from Helbako.

9 | Prima climate

We have defined good humor as a working principle and ensure that it is maintained. Through rules for good communication, space for fresh ideas and respect for each other, even if opinions may differ.

10 | Start-up help for newcomers

Those who join us for the first time will find versatile support. From apartment hunting to broker negotiations to relocation, we help keep private burdens low with home advantage and corporate power.

A cool start to professional life

Our apprenticed professions

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