A clear mission statement for a clear goal

Corporate values

Together into a successful future – this is the Helbako mission statement with which we have set ourselves long-term goals. With this corporate philosophy behind us, we want to shape our future just as successfully as our past. And to achieve this, we see the mission statement as our compass, giving us not only the direction but also the corridor in which we will move in the process.

Our mission
  • We are a flexible and reliable partner that develops and manufactures innovative electronic products.
  • We are competitive because highly qualified, motivated and responsible employees constantly drive us forward.
  • We maintain economic stability and continue to expand it.

Our lived principles

  • Practice honesty
  • Living common standards
  • Criticize appreciatively and appropriately
  • Carrying solutions together
  • Reflect feedback appropriately
  • Give each other the benefit of the doubt
  • Practicing target agreement as a management tool
  • Promote self-control

Our quality standard

At Helbako, we define quality – beyond meeting the requirements of our customers and IATF 16949 – as a far-reaching objective to continuously improve our products, work processes, services and working conditions in order to increase efficiency and satisfaction, reduce costs, avoid errors and conserve resources.

We achieve compliance with customer-specific quality specifications and standards through integrated processes that are continuously developed. These include in particular:

  • Tool-supported, interdisciplinary project management
  • Software and hardware development according to the V-model in compliance with Automotive SPICE
  • Process development parallel to product development
  • Complete traceability of all manufacturing and testing processes
  • Selection and development of suppliers with our supplier management DarWIN

Added to this are our methods for optimizing service quality, which benefit our customers in day-to-day project work:

  • Competent contact persons
  • Short response times
  • Proactive problem solving
  • Transparent organization
  • Short decision paths

Our responsibility

As a successful company, we bear a special responsibility: for our customers, our employees and, of course, for the planet on which we all live.

We want to secure tomorrow today, which is why sustainable value creation is an important part of our corporate philosophy. We have set ourselves the goal of continuously reducing environmental impact, avoiding environmental risks and consistently exploiting environmental opportunities. We provide the funds required for these tasks on an ongoing basis. We are thus committed to continuously improving our energy performance as well as our environmental performance.

  • We constantly adapt our company to the latest standards, e.g. IATF, ISO 14001, TISAX, ISO 45001
  • We are reducing the environmental footprint by, for example, reducing CO2 emissions, hazardous waste and volatile organic components.
  • We are constantly improving our functional safety and security culture, taking into account relevant standards, e.g. ISO TR15504 (A-Spice), ISO 26262, ISO 21434.
  • We align our actions with compliance rules, follow our “Code of Conduct” and also actively demand it from our suppliers.

Helbako in dialogue

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