Our whistleblower system

investigate and prevent violations

As a family-owned company with a long tradition, legal requirements, internal guidelines and our jointly developed Code of Conduct define the values we share.

The success of our business also depends on our reliability, honesty and integrity. To ensure that our organisation acts ethically and in accordance with the law, it is essential that we are aware of any breaches of the law and regulations.

We have therefore set up this whistleblower system, which is an externally operated internal reporting centre to investigate and prevent violations. This ensures maximum protection for whistleblowers, those affected, and employees involved in investigating the reported misconduct.

Discrimination against whistleblowers and anyone else involved in an investigation within the company is not permitted. Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The handling of information will be fair, expeditious and under the protection of the law.

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All colleagues and our business partners (suppliers, customers, etc.) can report violations of the law, the Code of Conduct and policies, including anonymously.

The reporting centre is operated by us with the whistleblower system of Personio SE & Co. KG is operated by us. Further details can be found in our data protection information.