Our hardware developers combine expertise in electrical engineering with automotive electronics

Hardware development

We develop all hardware components including housings and connectors. Electronics design, mechanical design and production preparation work hand in hand.

Competencies, processes and development tools

  • Development of hardware for automotive applications
  • Control of actuators (motors, pumps, valves, piezo-sounders …)
  • Evaluation of sensor technology (linear encoder, Hall, inductive, capacitive, transponder …)
  • Implementation of communication interfaces (such as CAN, LIN, SENT)
  • Use of standardized HW modules (circuit, layout, calculations, simulation, FMEA)
  • Statistical circuit simulation
  • Thermal management: simulation (static, dynamic) and test (IR camera, thermocouples, cold-heat test cabinet)
  • EMC- and temperature-optimized printed circuit board unbundling
  • Safety-compliant circuit design up to ASIL D
  • Fault tree analysis and FMEA (SCIO) as well as FMEDA for design assurance
  • ASIC development with partners
  • Expertise in packaging and interconnection technologies
  • Own housing and connector designs (Catia V5)

Helbako in dialogue

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