20 Years of Helbako’s Mission Statement – A Living Tradition of Employee Participation

Welcome to our journey through the heart of Helbako, our mission statement. It is a living tradition that has been shaped, lived, and developed further at various stages by our committed employees.

Two decades ago, we laid the foundation for what Helbako is today—a flexible, reliable partner in the electronics industry, driven by innovation and quality. Yet, our real foundation is the people behind our brand. The Helbako mission statement, shaped by the values, visions, and goals of our employees, is the result of collective commitment and the aspiration to lead not only in technology but also in corporate culture.

Over these 20 years, our self-developed mission statement has evolved into a compass that not only provides us with orientation in difficult times but also points the way to a promising future. It is a promise to our business partners, a commitment to responsibility towards the environment, and an obligation to each individual employee.

From the first workshops to the most recent meetings of our leadership team—the development of the mission statement reflects our actions and maturity as a company. With photos from the first and last meeting, we want to illustrate the evolution of our mission statement and show how deeply rooted the principles of employee participation and continuous improvement are at Helbako.

The 20th anniversary of our mission statement is not just a milestone but also a promise for the future. We are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow by upholding and further developing the values that have brought us here. Together with our employees, partners, and customers, we move into a future shaped by our collective commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation.

We invite you to be part of this ongoing journey as we steer together into a successful future.