Insights at Helbako: Interview with Thomas from eBikeLabs

Thomas, from our French partner company eBikeLabs, worked for two months as an intern at Helbako in Heiligenhaus. During this time, he actively supported our joint project, the motor controller for e-bikes.

Here he answers some questions from our social media team:

Dear Thomas, how did you enjoy your stay in Germany and our region?

My stay, as part of the close collaboration between Helbako and eBikeLabs, is my first experience in Germany, and I am very happy to be here. I have discovered a new European culture and met wonderful people. I took the opportunity to visit Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Berlin. I also took my bike to explore the region, and it was super cool to discover the area this way.

How do you like working in Germany and specifically at Helbako?

I came to Helbako to work with the hardware development team on the UBC project, and it was a very productive collaboration. We advanced many topics, such as the development of test procedures. This time allowed me to work on both UBC hardware and eBikeOS software in parallel. Personally, it was a pleasure to work with Helbako and get to know its activities, and I learned a lot from the hardware team. I will return to France with more experience, and that is very important.

How do you rate the collaboration between Helbako and eBikeLabs? How do customers respond to our partnership?

At the moment, there is a very good dynamic between the two companies, and the first bikes equipped with both Helbako and eBikeLabs technologies will be on the market very soon, which makes me very happy. This means a very positive situation. We are presenting this partnership at European trade fairs (Eurobike, Micromobility), and the feedback is very positive! Let’s continue this path to see more e-bikes equipped with Helbako & eBikeLabs technologies!

Thomas, thank you for your answers and the great collaboration on our joint project! You are always welcome to return!