From lecture theatre to practice: Marcel’s path to quality engineering!

Hello Marcel, you’ve been a permanent member of our quality department since October and previously worked for us as a student trainee for two years.

Can you briefly describe how you got here?

“In 2017, I started my bachelor’s degree in safety engineering at the University of Wuppertal and already realised my passion for quality and safety topics back then. After successfully completing my bachelor’s degree, I continued on my path and started my master’s degree in quality engineering.”

How did you end up in the Functional Safety department?

“During my studies, I came across Helbako GmbH, a local automotive supplier – the perfect opportunity! I was lucky enough to start there as a working student and was given the opportunity to write my Master’s thesis at this company. The topic of my thesis? Functional safety – in particular how small and medium-sized companies can fulfil regulatory requirements more easily. It was undoubtedly a challenging time, but the efforts and endeavours were to pay off.

After successfully completing my Master’s thesis, the opportunity arose for me to take up a position as a Functional Safety & Cybersecurity Engineer. This opportunity is both exciting and responsible, as the safety of our products always also affects the safety of drivers. I am extremely grateful for these opportunities and look forward to contributing to safety and quality in our products and on the roads.”

Marcel’s role as Cybersecurity Manager

Marcel’s role as Cybersecurity Manager stems from the ISO/SAE 21434 standard, which aims to protect electronic vehicle components from cyber threats. These threats include targeted attacks to intercept data or manipulate vehicle functions.

The core tasks of a cybersecurity manager include setting up and maintaining the cybersecurity management system. This includes the detailed description of all necessary processes and the creation of training documents to raise awareness within the company. Another important responsibility is certification by an accredited service provider, which will be essential for the company’s future activities as a supplier to automotive manufacturers.

In addition, the Cybersecurity Manager, together with experts from the specialist departments, monitors our products in the field and reacts proactively to new vulnerabilities or threats. In such cases, a task force is organised to provide the necessary updates. In addition, the Cybersecurity Manager is directly involved in the development phase. They act as a point of contact for the customer as early as the quotation phase and plan the realisation of specific cybersecurity requirements.

This role is extremely important, as the safety of our products always also affects the safety of the drivers. Marcel and his team therefore play a key role in ensuring that our vehicles are not only innovative, but also safe and reliable.